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New colourways of the Brevet Jersey and Overshoes for Rapha AW14.

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super combo


A black and white photo essay in France and Belgium during the winter 2006/2007. Part2.


Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team


The devil is in the details. No doubt, E’s Unicorn Full Nuke Rainbow Extravaganza AWOL Transcontinental bike is every hipster’s secret dream. Tanwall tires, loads of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) A Wolves In the Throne Room patch from their latest gig, the brand new Mash cap including the Goatlord and some Suicidal Tendencies, a Swift Industries porteur bag, real Unicorn paint, a Svart Katt and a The Great Escape patch. The POLeR thing. Alfine Di2 hydraulic’s and hey, it goes to eleven. E is not much into the Pabst Blue Ribbon game but the Swift bag would fit a 12 pack or two. The followers of this blog knows that this bike has been around and that E is not only a poser, he also shreds.

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Rapha lightweight  climbing shoes via velonews


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