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The 1910 Challenge

The centenary of the Col du Tourmalet’s inclusion in the Tour de France will be celebrated with a mountain-top finish on stage 17 of the 2010 edition of the race. As well as the special edition Tourmalet Jersey, Rapha honoured the first ever Tour stage that tackled the Tourmalet with a tribute ride, The 1910 Challenge.



Rapha La Centiéme Identity


Rapha Postcard Set

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Philipp is busy these days as the time trial races are picking up and there are some almost every week. Last week he was racing another race at the Röhsler Cup which was a 9km slightly uphill at the beginning and ended in a super steep finish ramping up to 17.5 % which definitely isn’t the course suited him. He managed a 17th overall and a 9th in his age group and now sits 3rd in the all overall cup. Next ITT was one in Upper Austria in Perg through the super lovely „Naantal“. A 17,5 km course where the first have was slightly uphill and a turnaround and than a super fast rolling downhill. A fun TT he managed to finish 13th overall and 6th in his age group.

Daniel Strauss from

Painted with watercolours and pencil. 15cm. Black

Repainted from photo of Fame and Spear

H U N T 4
Riding up the coast of California from Santa Cruz, Deux North’s 8 riders test a new bike built for every kind of road. After 2 days and 200 miles, the group meets the story’s narrator, El Chapulin (The Grasshopper) to listen to his story, tell their own, and compete in an event that he created over 15 years ago. On the final day. the 100-mile Grasshopper Adventure Series race serves as the finish line for Deux North’s Hunt 4. #SeekandDiverge
Director: aaronisnotcool
Story: Dylan Nord, James Nord, Aaron Vazquez
Narrator: Miguel Crawford
Video Production: BKLYN1834
Soundtrack: Live Footage


"the only stability possible is stability in motion"

- unknown (via pingonow)